Carlton Creative Services fees and cost estimates

Project fees

Predicting professional time on creative assignments is rarely accurate. Our experience has shown that a per-project fee is the most agreeable to both parties. Following a detailed discussion and consultation, costs and contracts are agreed upon before initiation of work.

Typical design fees
Typical costs, based on a $130 per hour rate, are:

Website Development, mid-size site: $3000 – $6500
Corporate Identity Package (Logo, Stationery, etc.): $2500 – $4500
3-Panel, 4-Color Brochure Design and Production: $1800 – $3000
Original Illustration/Photography: $ .750 – $2500

Many variables apply, as with any custom project. A major influence on cost is the clarity and timeliness of the Client's communication. Printing is a separate service, which can be overseen by Carlton Creative Services for an additional fee. Contract terms normally include 1/3 payment on retaining, 1/3 at concept selection and approval, and 1/3 on completion and delivery. These charges are presented for guidance only. Each project is negotiated separately based on exact Client needs.